That’s you in the spot-light!

For those of you who just can’t resist the big bright white light, now’s your chance for online glory! is running a spotlight campaign for the best looking blogs, websites and usage of All you have to do is register your free site, customize how it looks and put up your thoughts, ideas and posts on your own site. Remember to publish to the Web Space if you want your post to be visible to the public reviewers.

When you feel your time for fame has come, hop on over to the official blog and let them know. Or you could be cool and put an intro in the support forum as well (accessible within your logged in site).

Claim your fame. Now.

One thought on “That’s you in the spot-light!”

  1. Hiya, i have seen your site when searching a few weeks ago and i really love the design! I just bought a new 3 character domain (cost me a packet) for a niche review blog, and i was wondering if your design is a free or paid one? I’m new to WordPress and about to set it up, and i would really like to get something with a similar look to yours. Any ideas where i could download or buy something similar? Thanks for your help! :)

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