New Blog Bling :)

I was exploring the public Tag Cloud services courtesy of 3spots’s post on the Artvibe Cloud generator (which I found too tacky looking to put up on my site).

I like ZoomClouds more. Specifically, I like the fact that it let’s me customize all the colors, sizes and volume of the generated output. And that it’s fast.

On the right you’ll see my newly added Bling. The ZoomClouds tag map of all the posts I’ve made so far on this site. Pretty good, huh? You can now use the tag cloud or my category list (on top) to browse the site. I still think that the structured category list approach is a better idea than the cloud from a navigational perspective, but the Tag Cloud does look better. :)

P.S. If you’re reading this by subscribing to the RSS feed or have a subscription by email, then you’re gonna have to come to my site to find out where the Tag Cloud is.