Second Life?

Wife of Second Life puts up this hilarious comic nearly every day. Ridiculing the ways of the technology industry is now no longer restricted to Dilbert (which I love reading). I think blaugh regularly comes out with strips which poke fun at all the right things in all the right places. :)

Subscription recommended.

Update: Mysteriously, the comic that I had originally posted here, has disappeared. Looks like Linden Labs must have lobbied for removal or something. Weird.

Update #2: The URL remains the same, so does the title of the comic (just hover over it), everything else remains the same. In the immortal voice of Elmer Fudd, “There’s something scweewy goin’ aroun’ here.”

Update #3: Chris visited. He says that the URL must be dorked in some way. Whatever. For those of you who want to see the original comic it’s available at this direct URL.

2 thoughts on “Second Life?”

  1. I just checked, that’s what it (the img src URL) is set to inside the post.

    And funnilly enough, when I paste the URL into the browser address, the image shows up fine. *But* inside my post, it consistently shows the latest bLaugh comic.

    I think that this is happening because you’re setting the img when it’s HotLinked to be the latest comic.

    I suppose this works brilliantly for the people who want to post it as part of their Blog Bling (on their sidebars, perhaps), but doesn’t work at all for bloggers like me who want to talk about a particular comic that you came out with.

    Perhaps you can provide bloggers with a URL that allows proper Hotlinking.

    Lovely comic by the way. :)

    I still follow it daily.

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