Insaniquarium – the insane aquarium



Over the weekend, I was highly bored and decided to catch up on an old hobby of mine. Arcade games. You know, the type of game you dont have to think
to decide which particular strategy to employ or go hunting around
to-press-this-lever-to-open-that-hatch kind of thing. Just flex your
mouse hand and youre ready to play.

So I played Insaniquarium, by Popcap
games. Its quite an addictive game, and out and out whacky in concept.
In the game, youre the owner of an acquarium and as in all acquariums
youre supposed to feed the fishes and take care of them. Thats where
all similarity with reality ends, completely. As the fishes grow by
eating food, they reward you with silver and gold coins which you
collect to buy upgrades. And then of course, there are aliens, who
teleport into your acquarium to eat your fish. Go figure.

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