Batman begins to not suck!

So I finally went to see Batman Begins this weekend with Romes and Apurva. Managed to go to the IMAX dome to see it too! Finally broke that curse. Whenever, I’ve been to the dome earlier, for some reason or the other, we’ve been unable to get to see a movie. :)
Anyways, the movie is definitely right up there with the best, it’s the best Batman movie to date and also probably the best super hero / comic hero movie in terms of realism and sticking to the original comic story. The cinematography is breathtaking and just about every nuance of the comic series is explored.
And true to comic form, the villain does not die in the movie! This is a criminal mistake that all the super hero movies seem to be making. Go DC Comics!
Best parts:

  • When Bruce Wayne enters the caverns below Wayne Manor for the first time and all the bats in there are continuously swirling around him.
  • The training scenes at the start of the movie, especially when he inhales the blue flower.
  • Views of the city, especially a particular one where the camera revolves around Batman standing atop a tall spire.
  • The Batmobile. ’nuff said.

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4 thoughts on “Batman begins to not suck!”

  1. Even if the DVD is out, the whole point that I’m trying to make here is that I want to see it in the movie hall man, on the big screen, with full effect.

    I’ll only go and watch it on DVD if the movie doesn’t come in any hall over here. And that would suck. :(

  2. No man…..

    I’ve been to the site.

    I have read the comics.

    But the movie hasn’t come to cinema yet, over here! I’m dying to see Sin City but there seems to be less and less chance that the movie will actually make it to Indian movie screens. :-(

  3. Batman Begins was great! But talking of movies based on comic books, did you see Sin City (based on a graphic novel, hehe, almost a comic book)? The movie was amazing, you could actually pause it at times and the scene would look like an illustration from the book. Breathtaking stuff man. Tarantino… whew!!

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