Just found courtesy 3spots. Blabb is a completely AJAX based site – the site never loads a page again after the first one comes down. Even for search.

It’s fast, it’s neat and tidy, and it’s cooler.Click for full size


  • You don’t *have* to sign up to post something. Don’t know how they’ll tackle spam posting, ultimately.

  • Posts are classified simply by theme as compared to tags by everybody else. This should be a lot simpler for the “simple” folk to put in new stuff against themes which are titled creative, useful, readable, technical, media, scholarly, fun and etc
  • It’s FAST.
  • Most importantly, it attempts to solve the problem of “The click”. What the heck am I talking about? Each and every one of these sites, at it’s root, deals with one simple core fact. Delivering it’s users to websites of interest. The problem: How to collect metadata for these links? All the other sites, take your pick, digg,delicious,whateverelse, simply ignore this and let the user click on the title of the link change the page to the target site. Blabb does a one-up on this by opening a shmoooth AJAX frame that shows a live preview of the site. The user can then add the site to his favorites and whatever else, including clicking on the link again to open it in a new window. I loved this! :)


3 thoughts on “Blabb”

  1. Thank for passing by. :)
    Yes blabb is impressive isn’t it?
    En fact I came here to find your WP template to add to my SB tools list. I’d be thankfull if you notified me when you create Blogger’s.

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