Things change (a little)

Took the opportunity over the Saturday weekend to bring some much wanted reform on to

Following are a few of the changes that are visible on the site:

  1. You don’t need to rate the posts for which you submit comments anymore. Rejoice!

  2. I’ve removed that annoying “Click here to post a comment” message and instead you can post a comment directly on the same page.
  3. The RSS feed is now full HTML, the way it should be. This might cause a few problems in some archaic / weird RSS readers; if so, do let me know and I’ll do what is feasible. I’ve also changed the feed picture, see if you can spot the difference! :)
  4. The RSS feed now doesn’t get the extended links on the bottom of each post (FeedBurner calls this FeedFlare). While this was cool it kinda slowed RSS Readers a bit because each of those links was an image coming from Feedburner. I’ve decided to remove it, in favor of the now more popular “Click to Social Bookmark” section on the site. Maybe this can ultimately make it to the RSS feed as well. Let’s see. :)
  5. Integrated MyBlogLog to show number of clicks on external links. Hover over an external link to see it.

8 thoughts on “Things change (a little)”

  1. I’ve just fixed a bug that was causing notification emails to go out with incorrect URLs.

    If anyone continues to receive bad URLs in their notification emails, do post here.

    And just in case you were wondering, this applies only to people who commented AND set the Notify Me checkbox to On for their comment.

  2. Here’s some good news for you, Dear Constant Reader (to quote my favorite author).

    I’ve got the Click to Social Bookmark section working on Blogger. Just a few final tests and some tweaking (for the Overlib library to work ) and I’ll post all about it.

    You can track my progress on my just set up blog,

    This should happen in the inside of a couple of hours, so hang on to something. :)

  3. What a pleasure is to know ‘how to do things”. Unfortunatelly that is not my case and I found thx to Freshblog and I still expecting to get the code for your Social Bookmark Icons. Looks really handy and cool. Mind to work on it and maybe share it with some other bloggers as TonNet?

  4. Thanks. :)

    Well….. knowing things around websites comes from years of doing it for other people.

    This site runs on the Amieo system which is a platform that is created by my company, Cynapse. The new version of that is what we’re making right now and marketing that will be fun.

    Send-this-page-as-email functionality should be quite interesting to expose. Will have to look into spamming issues.

    Print this page functionality is present internally in the underlying system, but I’ve disabled it. I don’t particularly like the thought of people wasting precious paper on my inane babblings. 😉

    Have I added more social bookmark buttons? Not yet. Soon.

  5. Lovely blog! You seem to know how to do things, how would you create an email and print this page for hosted blogs?
    I saw a very nice ’email this page’ which, just like your social bookmark buttons, opened a div about the same size as yours, maybe smaller. Have any idea?

    PS: Have you added more social bookmark buttons? I feel there’s more each time.

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