Me. And the Hayabusa.

Ever felt intimidated by a machine? Happens very rarely to me.

But this baby pretty much did it for me. :-) Me. And the Hayabusa

This is just another gem that I dug up out of the collection of photos I’ve got from Bangkok.

Well, Apurva and I were roaming around in the Suan Lum night market and having a fabulous time. It’s really a gem of a place, this market. They’ve got a huge central food court where you can self serve yourself from any of the food stalls with coupons purchased from a counter. And the stalls… are all over the place. The whole market is just a huge bunch of alleys that look the same with all sorts of shops with all sorts of stuff being sold in them. You could get lost in there. I did. I didn’t mind it much, what with all the stuff I found, but lost I did get.

Anyway….. after that all too necessary digression, I guess I’ll come back to the machine. Well, as we were strolling around, Apurva and I, lo and behold! What did we see? This hayabusa. And it was just standing there parked on it’s stand. Well we couldn’t just stare at it so we snapped off a few photos with us strategically posing around it, without actually touching it. That’s when the owner who was running a shop just ahead, saw us and came over. Well we got chatting and…. well that’s how I got to actually sit on it. And seriously, when you sit on one of those babies…. you know that you could just ride. And ride. And ride on just for the heck of …… riding.

And for those of you who didn’t know it…. the Hayabusa is the fastest street legal commercially available production bike in the world. And as this fan site claims, maybe even in the solar system. 😉