I went to visit my Dentist today. Why do all doctors have to have:a waiting area where there’s always dull, mindnumbing, slow, monotonous music playing? And magazines that are at least 6 months old, that too stuff that you never wanna read, like Outlook, Femina, etc?

Anyway, I hung around in the waiting area for like half an hour and then the doctor’s assistant had a look at my teeth. Having an X ray taken of your jaw is a really weird experience, let me tell you. The assistant then told me to wait some more while she had a look at the X ray. So I waited some more. Listened to some really bad music and had a look at a couple of issues of Outlook and got called in again.

Turns out that the main doctor finally had gotten a chance to check out my teeth and confirmed my belief that I would have to have a wisdom tooth removed. God I hate it when they poke around in your mouth and tap on your teeth with those weird metal hook shaped things.

So. I’m gonna have a tooth extraction tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck!

Yes, I’ll write about how it went, tomorrow.