DhirajGupta.com now runs on cyn.in!

I recently announced to commenters that they would be getting invites to my new cyn.in based blog. Since then I’ve been busy readying our partner program, the cyn.in professional edition (Gratis up to 2 users!) and other assorted related activities. I finally took the time over the weekend to check the imported entries from my earlier blog and customize the site’s settings and appearance and I think I’m finally getting to settling in.

So what’s new?
Lots of things:

  1. A new commenting system: Cyn.in features a registered user commenting system – to comment you’ll have to create a Guest Cyn.in user account once and you’ll be able to post comments to my site (And all other cyn.in sites too!) without having to type your name and email out every time. The cyn.in user verification system should also help me eliminate the spammers who kept flooding my blog earlier.

  2. No Social Bookmarking Links (for now): The social bookmarking templates which were quite popular have now been removed. If you want to download them, drop me a line; I’ll email the template across to you.
  3. AJAX: You’ll notice the new AJAX interface that Cyn.in provides. You can click on the page slider above to scroll to any page that you want, for example. Posting of comments is AJAX based too!
  4. RSS Feeds: Cyn.in provides feeds for every SlashTag (The category menu you see on the left side) you can consume a particular SlashTag’s feed if you’re interested only in a selected set of my posts.
  5. The Intranet: I’ve cleaned up all the personal and family stuff that was present on my blog. This has been moved to the Intranet Space, where I’ll be sharing private media (photos and videos, mainly) with family members and friends. If you happen to be on that select list and haven’t got your account yet, drop me a line and I’ll arrange it.

What’s next?
More posts, for one. Cyn.in makes it exceptionally easy to create and publish new content. I’ll hopefully be publishing much more content now.

Richer content: Cyn.in makes it really easy for me to upload pictures, audio, whatever. Expect richer content from now on.

Newsletter subscription system: For those of you who read my blog often, but can’t figure out all this RSS, XML and other tech stuff that I keep throwing around, I had started off a subscription based newsletter that would email you every day’s updates (courtesy FeedBlitz). This is now defunct; I’ll be moving the existing subscribers to a new system that allows better features soon; you’ll be able to subscribe to it soon after that.

Keep watchin’ there’s a lot more to come.  :)