At last / least it’s up! :)

Yes. I would love to say that I’ve spent the whole past half year creating this site. I’d love to say that this is the culmination of the efforts of countless hours of painstaking effort by me.

But I can’t.

‘Coz that would be a lie. :)

The system that this site is built on is in fact the results of the countless hours of effort of the Cynapse team. Over the past uncountable months we’ve gone and done some magic! And also learnt, burnt our fingers, learnt some more from experiences, improved, developed countless components for ourselves and numerous clients, field tested the whole platform under the most adverse of conditions, toiled at the CSS styling, and kept polishing our “precious” gem until it shines, so!

Total time to set up this site, including putting up this content: 15 minutes. Enough to silence all you critics. Yes, the picture on top looks really old and unmatched, I know. I’ve still got to work on finding a more recent photo.

This is the current setting for my new home. A brand new site. With no content in it except this pathetic attempt at garnering some undeserved empathy from you, dear constant reader.

No excuses. I didn’t get the time to really look into making the “new site” I kept talking about on the old one. The good news is that that’s about to change. Shortly. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Keep checking, shortly the RSS feed should be up for the posts and then *you* won’t have to do the checking. 😉