Why do most blogs fail?

Time and again I have seen blogs that have been begun with great enthusiasm (and great prose) but abruptly been stopped with a complete lack of any entries whatsoever. Why does this happen? I am softly but surely, being led to believe that this happens because the particular blogger tends to “give up” on the blog.

Why? One might ask. The answer is audience. The whole point of creating something like dhigu.com was because it was my soapbox, on which I could stand and talk about whatever topic I chose and the whole wwweb was my audience. The problem with that is sooner or later you realize that nobody may be actually listening to you while you spout forth from your makeshift soapbox (however goodlooking (thanks Dude) it  may be).

Since then I have changed my voice on this soapbox (I no longer write keeping an audience in mind) and even gone to the extent of making a blog entry claiming that I was no longer doing this for an audience; but instead for myself. I like to write on my blog because it lets me write clearly whatever I wanted to without any sort of restrictions whatsover.

So, what’s next? My only plea to you, my dear constant reader, is to please comment a bit more often. It keeps this particular author happy enough to keep blogging. And when you don’t, I start blogging about weird things that are selfish Braindumps so deep from my head that you wouldn’t understand them any way.