Unky Moods!


Came across this nice site dedicated to providing a mood widget for personal websites. Its called Unky Moods and it’s got a huge list of moods that one can choose from. The idea being that you sign up on their site and then choose a mood to depict the way you’re feeling. The site gives you a small piece of HTML code (it’s javascript) that you can paste in your own web site code. Then whenever you want to change your mood you just need to head over to Unky Moods and the mood widget automatically displays the mood you choose there, on your website. I’ve set it up on the right bar of dhigu.com, check it out!

15 thoughts on “Unky Moods!”

  1. Great work, PumpkinSeed!

    Now if only someone can find the male picture counterparts, I think I’ll do something about getting the pictures up.

    I wonder if there are any copyright issues about hosting the pictures, though. For other people, I mean. :(

    And I still can’t find the originator.


  2. Yeah…. they keep going down. I’ve removed the code from my site’s right bar again.

    I think they’re having some problem with the bandwidth being consumed by all the people having it on their sites, so the main site keeps going down.

    Ah well… can’t help it, I guess. :(


  3. Umm…. just noticed that the widget wasn’t working…

    Then I visited the UnkyMoods website and I saw an Under Construction page!

    The owner was cribbing a bit about him running huge bandwidth costs… looks like he might have folded over. :(


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