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I’ve been watching a lot of TV episodes lately. Quite often I found myself going to this nice site called TV Tome, where it had a comprehensive review and fun facts about shows, like goof ups and other trivia. It was sometimes quite useful to see the story of an episode if I missed any in between or to find out the finer points about a particular episode.

Recently, a CNet text links bar started appearing on all TVTome pages. Since the site continued to work as before, I didn’t bother checking it out, surmising that there had been another website bought over by the CNet network.

Imagine my surprise, today, when I tried to go to TVTome, it redirected me to – the new home of TVTome. CNet had also acquired the, two letter domain and moved the site there. There’s something about two letter domains that simply ……. gives me a feeling of absolute awe. :)

Anyways, the new site, while keeping with the old content, is a lot more…. CNetish now, there’s a whole different, heavy, feel to it. On the other hand, it not only brings the well known CNet look and feel to the site, the CNet common account also works, so you can use your CNet account to put in your own reviews, select your favourite shows, etc.

Try it out, if you’re a TV buff. Good show. 😉

5 thoughts on “TV Tome”

  1. Yes, the ads *are* a bit heavy I suppose, but what the hey…. that was to be expected with the transition.

    I kind of *like* the heavier look and feel, I suppose. Also… I think there are actually *more* community options available on than the earlier tvtome. I mean… you have more of a profile of your own, you can save your favorite shows, you can (I think) do more with the site in general.

    I even like the looks of the new site better, TVTOME, while good, was a bit plain, don’t you think?


  2. After going through a bunch of sites found on talking about the acquisition of by Cnet, this is the very first one where it’s all said in a positive note. If you look around at other sites, forums, and blogs, hundreds and thousands of people are upset that Cnet has "ruined another great Web site." is nothing compared to what used to be, unfortunately. I was a big supported of, and now Cnet’s version is just laden with ads and is no longer community-driven, unfortunately.

  3. Agreed. CNET does make good sites. Their base site tech is good but I think CNET’s content is also good, which is much more important. As far as goes, I much prefer gamespy, instead.

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