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Not everyone understands, at all, what terms like RSS, Atom, and news aggregator mean.

These are all technologies and terms related to receiving notifications when an update happens – in my case you could use these to get notified whenever I post something new on this site.

For those of you that don’t know (and don’t really care) what these things mean, and yet would like to be told when there’s something new on, I bring to you (drumroll) FeedBlitz!

Feedblitz let’s publishers (me) offer an email subscription to subscribers (you) so that you can be notified, by email, whenever something new has happened. They only send out email whenever there is actual activity, in a concise single email for the day. No activity, no email; it’s that simple.

And no, they won’t spam you. They promise.

To subscribe, simply fill in your email address on the new “Subscribe for updates:” section on the right and hit subscribe me! A new window will open with my feed url highlighted and ask you to confirm.

And you (and thus, I) will be much happier! :)

2 thoughts on “Subscribe to by Email”

  1. Never heard the story about “Not putting all your eggs in one basket?” :)

    That said, Feedblitz is actually being promoted from *within* Feedburner; that’s how I signed up with Feedblitz.

    I consider it to be a different service – distinct from the Feedburner service – that of providing a *heavily munged* ( 😉 ) RSS feed.

  2. Just a thought – you are using FeedBurner for your XML feeds than why choose a different services for email subscribers ?

    Feedburner Email should be good enough for you.

    My 2 cents.

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