Streamburst: No DRM

Streamburst is a company that offers a purchased video download service, that seems to be headed in a more correct way IMHO to solve the video playback rights problem.

Coming to the online purchased video market with unique piracy deterrent methods, the service would be quite effective if it could garner the support of Hollywood studios, but expectedly, the big studios will not be walking into Streamburst offices any time soon – Streamburst doesn’t DRM the content they sell, instead, it quite simply brands the video to show the end buyer’s name at the start of each video. Buyer’s themselves will not mind purchasing such video since not only does the service not DRM their content, they actually offer the same content in high quality formats for a choice of devices, which as I noted in a post earlier, would be quite cool as well.

Currently, the service is favoring documentaries like Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Round motorcycle diaries, but it’s a good start.

via an excellent review on arsTechnica