Social Bookmarking

So you like Social Bookmarking sites.

I like it when you bookmark my posts socially. I get a lot of new readers that way. :)

Just click on the heart below any post title to bookmark it on your favorite bookmarking site.

Don’t know what Social bookmarking is? Can’t figure out which one to use? Check out the Social bookmarking section on NEO Binaries.

8 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking”

  1. Dhiraj,

    If possible, I think it should be showcased on your blog. After all, you did the work so you should benefit with the traffic. Of course, if something prevents it, I’ll be happy to host/showcase it.

    There’s another bookmarking toolbar/generator out there ( I need to find it again ) and I’m going to have a look at it and see if I can create something similar — where the user can click on checkboxes to indicate which bookmarking sites he/she wants.

  2. I’ve already created the WordPress template html block.

    If anyone’s interested, either put in a comment here or drop me some feedback on the Contact Dhiraj page.

  3. Hey cool idea!

    I’ll look into repackaging for generic use by other bloggers.

    Hmm…… perhaps I can modify it to be able to be used in blogger and wordpress templates. That oughta do it, right?

    Where shall we put it up, though? Any ideas where it could best be showcased? Shall I put it up, right here?


  4. I’ve been thinking about what you’ve done… Would you like your bookmarklets to be modified (if necessary) so that others can re-use them? If you’d like, I’d love to package what you’ve done in some sort of way so others can easily put it on their blogs. Would this be OK with you? I would of course give you full credit, and link to your site as the source…

    Best Regards,

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