So I sat down…

… and made myself a list of all the things that I wanna put down in words and put up on this site’o mine.

And I scared myself. I mean, pants down, naked in public, kind of freaked out, crazy nightmare kind of scared. And this, from a random sampling of thoughts from head in a space of something like 15 minutes. And He calls them Braindumps!

Most of the stuff that I want to write about is just regular stuff that runs around in my head.

The reason why I want to write about it is that because it’s how I believe I think about regular things, only, differently than most people. It’s the way I see things.

Yes, I do believe I’m different.

Not only that, get this, I believe that each one of us, (deep down at least, if you’ve not liberated yourself enough to think about the way you think) thinks differently about all the regular stuff that runs around in our heads.

Anyway, point is, I could keep doing this forever. Putting up what I think, on this site, I mean. You see, I won’t stop thinking. I can’t. I won’t be, if I do. And so, I don’t think I’m gonna stop putting up stuff, either.

So what if no one (in spite of all the pushing I do ) actually comes here and reads anything I’ve put up? Or heaven forbid, has the courage and takes the time and makes the effort to comment! It doesn’t matter. I’m not doing this for you anyway.


I’m doing this for me.



One thought on “So I sat down…”

  1. Well, i guess you just about landed on the real use of a blog. Its like your personal recorder. Well, tell me this, do you remember the thoughts that you had 3 years back, which you thought to be so important then? You would remember if you blogged. Ofcourse there are a lot of thoughts which are personal and you cannot blog about. But i guess the blog is essentially ment to be your recorder of thoughts which ou wouldnt mind sharing with other people. Also allowing people to understand you better. So just be true to your self and balbber on! Well look at who is talking i have less posts on my blog than you do 😛 Never the less, I guess we should all just get into a habbit of recording the things we think of.

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