picTrove 2 is now on Android

For the first time, picTrove 2 is now available on Android.

Through all these years of having worked on picTrove, we’ve been consistently getting requests for porting it’s awesomeness to other platforms, everything from Microsoft Windows (both mobile and desktop), to Mac, and of course to Android.

We’ve finally been able to work on at least one of these requests and made picTrove 2 available on Android.

We’ve also decided to make picTrove 2 available using the “freemium” model, the app is free to download from the Google Play store, and is fully free to use, as long as your use is constricted to being within Google Images, which is just one of the twelve services that picTrove 2 will find photo results from. All the other services are unlocked with a single, one-time, “Pro Unlock” in-app purchase that forever unlocks all features and services that are present in the app for now as well as in the future.

For now, all features are available to use with Google Images, without any advertising whatsoever, and we hope that we won’t be forced to change this.

This is our first venture into the Android market, and if things work out well, I hope to have all our future offerings be cross-platform, at least where applicable.