Here’s a new social bookmarking site with a brand new twist / speil.

It’s called Nooz and it’s


‘s attempt at getting at the huge number of teenybopper (I use that term loosely and as a pun) users of MySpace.

You need to have a


account to register on Nooz. Justification for this comes from the admittedly nice integration that Nooz pulls off. It picks up all your photo information and other details straight from your MySpace URL!

Coming from the Rojo team, it’s no surprise when it picks up all the links you Rojo Mojo’d on (I


saying that! :) ) and lists them as your Nooz. Yes, you can submit your own links and bookmarklets are present for that as well.

Shortly I’ll be figuring out the submit URL parameters for it and adding it to my

social bookmarking

template (yes, I’ll add it to the




templates too).

I left the


for last. :)

One of the cool new things they’re trying (you might just begin to see a lot more of this type of thing) to do is to offer several types of tickers and blocks of links that point to your Rojo/Nooz items. My Nooz ticker is shown above. Nooz recommends that users display it in their About me section in MySpace. What they don’t say is that it works on


site. Including my own Amieo based one. 😉

Edit: I just skinned the ticker courtesy this NooZ Faq page.