Mama again!

Over the weekend, my sister, Rachna, went into labour and on Sunday afternoon, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I am now a Mama (Uncle), again.

Both mother and child are fine, the baby weighed in at 3.17 kilograms at birth.

There’s something about seeing and holding a newborn that awakens feelings of wonder at the magnificence and beauty of nature that really doesn’t compare to anything else.

Stand by for pictures of the baby boy, they’ll be coming in soon.

Currently, there’s a hot debate going on over the name of the boy, the current choices have been narrowed down to Arnav and Abhimanyu.

Update: They just confirmed it, he’s been named Arnav. :)

6 thoughts on “Mama again!”

  1. Yes, I like Arnav too. Abhimanyu was…… too long.

    Euphonious. Good word. Trust Romasha to come up with words that noone knows the meaning of. 😉

    Now what *does* it mean….. ah yes, here it is:

    Adjective: euphonious

    1. Having a pleasant sound

    2. (of speech or dialect) pleasing in sound; not harsh or strident

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