Kill Bill Volume 2

This movie defies all review, categorisation.

The swordplay and fighting is exquisite and just as gratuitously grotesque as Volume 1; albeit a bit less violently though. The dialog is waaaaaay over the top. The direction is top notch.

Eminently and unforgettably watchable movie.

So go watch it.


Some spoilers and favourite parts follow:

  • I loved the part where Bill describes Superman’s critique on humanity. That part left me speechless. It’s so true! I mean, Superman roams (or rather flies) around like he is, as he was born (with just a costume off course) and it’s when he’s not being a super hero (which is what he changes into, when he becomes Clark Kent) that he is trying to do what humans do, so that he blends in with the rest of us and becomes unnoticable. So, Clark Kent is what Superman perceives to be the apotheosis of all humanity, or even to the extent of (like Bill says, in the movie) being a humorous or sarcastic critique on humanity, of the way we are, the way we behave and the way we do things.
  • The Pai Mei section was harrowingly grating. Just imagining what Beatrix went through to punch through that block of wood (and later, her own coffin) gives me the heebie jeebies.
  • Bud’s predicament. Is he punishing himself for what he did to Beatrix by playing a lowly bouncer for a dysfunctional strip bar joint or has he just naturally fallen into bad times? Did the fight that he had with Bill (presumably over Bill’s decision to have the gang kill off Beatrix) cause him to part ways and go and live in a trailer in El Passo? Or has Bill reformed himself after the realisation of what he did to Beatrix and doesn’t take on assassination jobs anymore? Too many unanswered questions there.
  • The part where Beatrix puts BB off to sleep while watching Shogun Assassin. It was simultaneously sad, happy and touching. The song that plays during this scene really hit me. Hmm…. must get hold of the soundtrack. It’s really good.

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