Kevin Smith on Superman

I’ve always considered Kevin Smith to be one of my favorite movie directors / writers / comics artists and when I came across this public interview on YouTube, I just couldn’t resist posting it.

One word of caution, though. The video does contain what some would consider to be “foul” language (as is typical with Smith), so please put on your headphones if you’re gonna listen to this in your office cubicle or something. :)

Kevin Smith is one of the most irreverent people in hollywood and his devil-may-care, straight up, common-man attitude is what I like about him the most.

In this interview he describes his outrageous experiences where he was hired by Warner bros. to write a movie script for Superman Lives way back in 1996 or so. He describes how the producer wanted him to write in a part for a Brainiac sidekick and also giant spiders and Superman fighting polar bears around the Fortress of Solitude! The video is quite funny, do watch it. It’s a bit longish, at 19 minutes plus, I suggest you let it buffer completely before you play.

One more thing I liked about this particular video is the way Smith brings out how a movie scriptwriter’s original draft gets distorted in the hollywood producer’s warped wants instead of sticking to the script. Sort of goes along with my short discourse on movie making in my Terminator 2 Ultimate edition post.