IE wins

I use Opera all the time. But any time I need to depend on what I’m seeing? IE wins.


  • IE is Dependable: What you’re seeing is truly what the rest of the world will see it as.
  • IE doesn’t cheat: Most fast browsers apply their own caching logic; disregarding the timestamps sent by the server
  • IE’s renderer is the best: IE will try to render your page as well (beautifully?) as possible. Some browsers (Opera again) will download and display the pages’ stylesheet after it has rendered the basic page. So everything moves around during rendering.

I typically use two browsers, simultaneously, IE and Opera.

IE to check rendering.

Opera to do something fast. Or for the features.

God save the world when Maxthon gets its act together.

Posted while listening to Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi

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