I, Human

Yes, yes, I saw I, Robot. And, yes, unfortunately, I must be only human, cause I liked it.

I, Robot, the short version: Take the three laws of robotics, chop finely. Take one Bad Boys, peel unnecessary sidekick Martin Lawrence, and bake with a liberal dose of Artificial Intelligence: AI. Apply a smooth layer of buttered, Minority Report and serve when cooled.

And now, the slightly longer version: Will Smith plays a homicide detective with a basic mistrusting of robots, who after years of suspicion finally does manage to catch up with a robot who doesn’t really seem to be obeying the three laws properly. And in doing so, seems to unleash a whole canfull (read: trucks and containers full) of them. Then said robot, after running our protagonist around a complete red herring made of breadcrumbs straight out of Hansel and Gretel, turns right around and starts to help them to a nice, happy, conclusion in the end.

Why I like the movie: Great Artwork: I was totally immersed throughout the movie; the light and magic department cut no corners in this $120 million movie. Good action, fight sequences: The action choreography is really good. Will Smith: He carries off the funny copy act really well – he’s had lot of practice in this role. And most importantly, the critical goosebump ending; one that makes you think, in the end – “What if?”.

I liked it. Your mileage may vary. Especially if you are a die hard fan of Isaac Asimov. Like the movie says, in the end, “Suggested by the Isaac Asimov book”.