Gmail gives 50 invites now?

A friend pointed out that recently his Gmail account started showing 50 available invites to be distributed. I had long shifted to using Outlook to get and send my gmail and thus hadn’t been to the Gmail site for a long time. Well, after hearing this, I did look up the site and yes, to my astonishment, Gmail’s invite portion was listing 50 invites available!

So it, finally looks like Gmail is broadening their beta to include a lot more people. I wonder, if this is the final testing phase for them, they must be doing load / space quota testing now if they are broadening their service so much.

One can only guess that the next thing that Google is going to do is to open up their service to public registration. And when that happens, with their search engine results pumping in users, they should pretty much start to dominate the free email market. And I think that users would be very amiable to the switch, most other free services are plagued by prominent and intrusive advertising, much lesser space and slow web page serving.

Oh, by the way, my invites are up for grabs, by the way, so, if you still don’t have a Gmail account yet, you can add a comment to this post and I’ll be happy to invite you.

15 thoughts on “Gmail gives 50 invites now?”

  1. Well, actually, it’s a bit weird.

    After I send an invite, if I logout and login again, the counter is reset to 50 and I have 50 invites to give out again.

    So….. I think the invites are not going to expire – ever!

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