Geekism Is

Geekism is:

  1. When you regularly get approached (by friends, relatives and strangers) with questions like, “Which one of these thingamajigs is better?”
  2. When you know what the difference between a SAN and a NAS is.
  3. When you land on a web site and have to first try and login to see if you already made an account there.
  4. When your backpack contains enough cables and electronics to make every metal detector and X-Ray scanner go berserk every time it passes through.
  5. When it takes you anything from an hour to a couple of days to explain what you do to another Geek.
  6. When it takes you 5 seconds to eplain what you do to a mere mortal.
  7. When you ask people to email you what they just told you.
  8. When people point to your web browser and say “What is that?”
  9. When you walk in to office around 3 PM and leave around 3 AM. And vice-versa of course.
  10. When you can type better with your eyes shut than when you’re looking at the characters pop up on the screen one-by-one.
  11. When you can figure out the logical, technical and business flaws in an application faster than most people can say “Hello, World!” in it.
  12. When you run out of space to plug in hard disks in your home computer.
  13. When people begin to ask you if you want to store the data that they just downloaded so that they can delete it when they want to.
  14. When you click on “Settings” before you click on “File->New”.
  15. When you have people on your MSN Contact list who begin a conversation with a URL instead of a “Hi!”.

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5 thoughts on “Geekism Is”

  1. You hijacked the #1 google spot for geekism from me :( awesome post by the way it had me cracking up. I use flock as my browser and people are always like “WTF is that” or when I pull out my nokia 770 in public and people freak out that it is a fully functional computer.

  2. I’ve implemented the new Digg API to let people digg directly on my site. Tell me how it works, whether you like it, etc.

    I think it’s *COOL*. 😀

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