Ever thought about doors? You know. The everyday ones you walk through. Doors. Think about them for a second.

Specifically, think about the fact that you walk through several doors everyday. About the fact that out of a lot of these doors that you walk through, you have to open and close.

Even more specifically, out of the doors that you walk through everyday and the ones you have to open and close, think about the fact that you have memorized, subconciously, how hard to pull or push the door everytime you walk through it and execute the action, nearly the same way, everytime.

Don’t believe me? Ok. Do this. The next time you walk through a door that you do everyday, think about how you opened it and closed it. Think about the familiarity with which you do it. You know which door creaks, which door will close with a loud bang (if you let it), which door requires you to give a really hard push to make it open.

The point is, you for some reason, know how to open and close each and every door that you have in your everyday life, such that

  1. It is the most optimum way you can open and close that door
  2. You always open and close that particular door in the exact, same way

Don’t believe me? Fine. Try it out. Conciously.

And you know what’s even more freaked out? Door knockers.

Did you know, that every person in this world has a slightly different (and unique !?) way of their own of knocking on a door? Did you know that you can and sometimes do figure out who is knocking on your door (sometimes even ringing your door bell) even before you open that door (or the person walks in) ?

Ever thought about how this happens? My only guess is that the mind not only remembers how each door should be open and closed, but also how each person has their own, individual way of knocking on doors.

Think about it.

6 thoughts on “Doors”

  1. Doors? A whole post on doors… hahahaha! Also, ever thought how the door feels each time you walk through it? Happy to have served you or just annoyed that you did not even consider its service!? Lol ok I’m not nuts, I’m just referring to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy series of books which is awesome and hilarious!! I’d refer it to anyone and everyone!!

  2. I do listen to the Doors all the time.

    One of my favorite Doors songs is what he calls The Ghost Song.

    Ever heard it?

    The beat and the lyrics *haunt* me. 😉

    And yes, I have begun to see why the lizardman liked lizards too.

    Thanks for the feedback, guys!

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