Digg releases integration kit

Kevin Rose announced today, on the Digg blog, a new set of submission specs for websites wishing to integrate with Digg.

More interesting is a zip file containing graphical badges with the new Digg v3 look and a script block that’ll let website owners display the number of “Diggs” a particular URL received.

The badges are nice and the pro-active website integration offer is a welcome sight. Most bookmark services don’t realize why Digg is so popular. I believe that one of the key reasons is that a lot of popular websites (recent additions include all CNET blogs) allow their users to digg their posts! If only more social bookmarking sites offered integration kits like digg does, I’m sure they’d be more popular.

I am forced to recall the hours I spent creating a recent batch of icons for my Social Bookmarking template. I’m no graphics designer and resizing favicon.ico files to work properly in a web browser was quite menial, for me, at least. Of course it did lead me to a point where I can show off a nice bug in IE. Internet Explorer has problems rendering an 8 bit PNG (admittedly super-optimized, in Photoshop) that Firefox renders just fine. Three of the social bookmarking icons I spent so much effort on only show up in Firefox. And I noticed it only recently (I mainly use Firefox).

But I digress.

Kevin’s post goes on to hint on a new Digg API that’ll let you do even more with these 2 features.

Over the past year, Digg has become quite the source for “interesting” news, and I anticipate that things will only get more so at digg.com.

Digg on, indeed.