Cynapse turns 5 !

It’s hard to put down your thoughts about something when you’ve been at it for over 5 years.

Yes, Cynapse turns 5 today and it’s with great pride and honour that I salute the effort of all the people who work in Cynapse. This must include the few people who’ve been forced to leave us, along the way, due to situations beyond their control.

Cynapse would not have been where it is today without your efforts.

I must also talk about how we’ve grown, in Cynapse. All through these years, it’s been a learning experience. Over the years, we’ve learnt which technology to adapt / invent, how to hone it to perfection, even more importantly, how to adapt it to the market or audience who needs / wants it the most!

Some of our work has yet to see the light of day, because it was too early for it’s time. Some of the work that we’re doing currently has enough power in the basic offering itself that it can revolutionise the productivity enhancement arena completely changing the way you work, store your thoughts, interact and collaborate with your friends and co-workers and even how you showcase all this information and knowledge with the rest of the world. More on this later. 😉

Over the 5 years, we’ve been regularly gaining in confidence, maturity and been building up, on our technology enablers and capability offerings.

This 6th year shall definitely pave the way for the things to come.

We brought in the 6th year with a small celebration in our dev center, Sarfaraz has published some photos of the event.

DSC00100 DSC00097