Another one rides the bus

One Cynapsian gives birth to another. Anil is the proud father of a baby girl on the 6th of this July. Upon witnessing the proud father and mother with their newborn, yours truly was quite overwhelmed.

I cannot but express my joy upon seeing life reassert it’s all important proclivity for renewing itself. It’s a beautiful sight to behold and one of life’s unique joys.

On this occassion I must tell you, ever Constant (and sometimes insistent) Reader a short fable about a wise man that might have been written by another wise one. (Or so I hope).

Read on…
The fable
A small child, who, as all children of that age are, was quite mystified by the machinations of life itself.

The child took his confusion to the wise man of his village, who, in his own wisdom, had decided to stay aloof from the rest of humanity and lived in quiet seclusion.

The wise man, as all wise men seem to ultimately do, spent most of his time contemplating upon such matters, but was deeply disturbed that a child as small as this one had approached him with a problem that he’d been thinking on all his life.

“Child, life is something that must be experienced to learn more about.”, he said to the child.

“I cannot even begin tell one as innocent as you about life. I learn new things about the meaning of it, every day. I cannot taint a beautiful mind with my own corrupted vision of it.”

“Life is about living. You must live. And learn. If you learn the lessons that life teaches you well, you will grow wise. Do not ponder over never-ending questions. There are no answers to questions such as those in your mind, now.”

“Learn to live the experiences you come upon, with zest, vigor and thoughtful courage and you may someday learn that happiness lies nowhere else but in your own self and your life’s experiences.”

The wise man then retreated into his own domicile and the child left.

The child felt disappointed, he did not feel that his questions were in any way answered in the wise man’s round about speech. He did take the wise man’s words to mind though, and tried to experience life rather than question it.

And many years later, the child did grow into a wise, happy person, indeed.

Or so they say, anyway.

A Moral
Every fable must have a moral and so does this one.

Do not seek purpose. Purpose will find you. Instead, concentrate on enjoying life’s experiences with the zest, and vigor of the small child in this fable. And happiness will find you as well.

The title of this post (Another one rides the bus) is an oblique reference to “Weird Al” Yankovic’s parody on Queen’s famous Another one bites the dust. I tend to think of Weird Al’s parody more in the way of Another one climbs on to the bus, where the bus is more of a metaphor for life. But of course I’m thinking of the blue bus in The End by The Doors too, but then, that’s another story for another day.