Aeon Flux

Took the chance yesterday to finally check out Aeon Flux.
I’ve been a long standing fan and I didn’t want to miss the theatrical release of the movie. In India some movies, especially the ones that don’t really have the universal appeal of most Hollywood blockbusters, take their own time to get to theatrical release. And the really weird ones sometimes don’t make it at all!

Expecting the worst (until recently, most movie adaptations I’ve been to were really bad) I was pleasantly surprised to see that the movie pretty much captured and held on to all the nuances of the MTV series that was created by Peter Chung, and then some.

Charlize Theron is the perfect real world compliment to the animated Aeon; lithe, flexible, sufficiently mysterious and definitely very sexy. :)

The movie pretty much explains the background of the entire Aeon Flux universe, something that the original TV series didn’t really bother with. Which leaves me wondering with doubts as to why Peter Chung didn’t write the movie story and why it wasn’t weirder considering that most of the TV series stories were beyond comprehension.

Most recommended.

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