43 things!

Ever wanted to have a set of goals that you wanted to accomplish in your life? I’ve always had a few, but never really got down to putting in the time and effort to list them all down.

Until now, that is.

I found this really awesome site, 43things.com. It let’s you set up your goals, see what others are doing. You can cheer people on, comment on others goals, write about your own, the works!

Really, really well done. Highly recommended for everyone. Do try it out, you’ll like it.

Bonus: You can set up the goals to appear on your own site. Like I have. After some arm twisting with my blog, I managed to set it up as a links panel on the right bar. You can see my goals and click on them to see more detail. Neat, what say? :)

My home page on 43things is here.

2 thoughts on “43 things!”

  1. Hmm………… I didn’t know that Amazon was funding it.

    Trust Romes to find out all the hidden info about something. Secret alleys and hidden paths notwithstanding. 😉


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