Dec 01 2008 v2.1 – the microblogging release

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At Cynapse, we recently released the latest version of 2.1 (last week) and the response has been nothing short of amazing!

One of the (among many) cool things that we did in was to put in microblogging collaboration. What’s that you ask? :)

Here’s the quote from Wikipedia:

Micro-blogging is a form of multimedia blogging that allows users to send brief text updates (say, 140 characters or fewer) or micromedia such as photos or audio clips and publish them, either to be viewed by anyone or by a restricted group which can be chosen by the user. These messages can be submitted by a variety of means, including text messaging, instant messaging, email, MP3 or the web.

What’s different in, of course, is that you can actually discuss each individual “Status message” (what we call each microblog post instance). I think that this is one of the key problems plaguing the world of microblogging as we know it.

While various ways have developed to solve this problem (You can @dhiraj on twitter, for example), there’s not many systems that support commenting like we do – off hand, I do not know of a single one. In each status mesasge is a full-blown item. Not being a second cousin to the rest of the applications means that you can actually go ahead and have fully threaded discussions on Status messages, among the many other things (like having them show up in Smart Views, for example).

If you use the desktop (made in Adobe AIR) as much as I do, then you quickly realize that discussions are the norm, and not the surprising thing that it sounds. Yes, desktop lets you type in a reply, or add a new message to a discussion so quickly that it leaves you amazed with that distinct feeling: “That’s all? There must be something else I have to do to get my message across.” Well no, there isn’t. It’s already popped on everyone’s desktop.

Take my word. Or have a look at the screenshots. Either way, you should buy it – now that it has a reduced starting price of just $99/mo. You’ll be happier. Your day will be filled with bright sunshine, and you will go around smiling at everything / everyone.

Or am I just overpitching? :)

You tell me. I never know.

Feb 23 2007

That’s you in the spot-light!

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For those of you who just can’t resist the big bright white light, now’s your chance for online glory! is running a spotlight campaign for the best looking blogs, websites and usage of All you have to do is register your free site, customize how it looks and put up your thoughts, ideas and posts on your own site. Remember to publish to the Web Space if you want your post to be visible to the public reviewers.

When you feel your time for fame has come, hop on over to the official blog and let them know. Or you could be cool and put an intro in the support forum as well (accessible within your logged in site).

Claim your fame. Now.

Oct 05 2006

Podcasts are belong to us!

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I’ve just put up an article on Podcasting on the official blog.

Podcast are an easy way to get your recorded interviews, spoken thoughts, musings, etc. to your entire listening audience. Until now, podcasting audio files has always been problematic, requiring you to learn a whole lot of jargon, concepts, etc. makes it absolutely painless to set up a podcast enabled site. You don’t even have to know what RSS means, automates all of the background technology for you.

About the title: For all the non-geek people out there, the title of this post is an oblique reference (my usual) to the “All your base are belong to us” Internet meme.

Sep 25 2006

Calling all bloggers!

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Calling all bloggers, tech evangelists, web 2.0 experts, any person who considers herself/himself to be a person of note, on the web.

I invite you to participate in our exclusive blogger preview for the service.

We’re giving away free sites for an extremely limited period before our commercial launch. Drop us a line by filling in the blogger preview form and we’ll email you site creation details.

And to end with my usual cliched line:

Offer open only until stocks last. :)

Apply now.

Sep 07 2006 pre-launch tour

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Announcing the release of our flash tour movie for, our upcoming SaaS powered, Enterprise 2.0 service.

Check it out at For those of you who didn’t get the fact that you could click one of the 4 boxes in the flash movie to see greater detail, here are the final slides. :)

Jun 27 2006 gets a makeover

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Last weekend we relaunched a brand new, squeaky clean,

At Cynapse, our constant endavour has been to help our audience do more with their lives. We concentrate on the domains of productivity, collaboration and information management with inventions that use the ubiquitious nature of the Internet to their advantage.

The new design embodies this philosophy and also throws some light on the fabulous team that makes it all possible.

May 03 2006

Vote for NEO Binaries!

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The time has finally come for all of you to tell the world how much you appreciate NEO Binaries. NEO Binaries has been nominated as one of the entries for the monthly poll on Only your vote can help us get to the top! :)

Please vote for NEO Binaries as The Next Big Web Thing for April, 2006.
Vote for us to be The Next Big Web Thing

Apr 26 2006

Cynapse turns 5 !

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It’s hard to put down your thoughts about something when you’ve been at it for over 5 years.

Yes, Cynapse turns 5 today and it’s with great pride and honour that I salute the effort of all the people who work in Cynapse. This must include the few people who’ve been forced to leave us, along the way, due to situations beyond their control.

Cynapse would not have been where it is today without your efforts.

I must also talk about how we’ve grown, in Cynapse. All through these years, it’s been a learning experience. Over the years, we’ve learnt which technology to adapt / invent, how to hone it to perfection, even more importantly, how to adapt it to the market or audience who needs / wants it the most!

Some of our work has yet to see the light of day, because it was too early for it’s time. Some of the work that we’re doing currently has enough power in the basic offering itself that it can revolutionise the productivity enhancement arena completely changing the way you work, store your thoughts, interact and collaborate with your friends and co-workers and even how you showcase all this information and knowledge with the rest of the world. More on this later. ;-)

Over the 5 years, we’ve been regularly gaining in confidence, maturity and been building up, on our technology enablers and capability offerings.

This 6th year shall definitely pave the way for the things to come.

We brought in the 6th year with a small celebration in our dev center, Sarfaraz has published some photos of the event.

DSC00100 DSC00097

Apr 09 2006

The New Web

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We’ve recently launched It’s our effort at mapping out all the confusion that is currently present in the new, happening, Web 2.0 arena.

We’ve got web application reviews; we review the promising applications telling you what’s cool, what’s not in the applications you wanna know about.

We’ve got a hot and happening news blog. We talk about the coolest launches, our views on the whole scene and what you need to know.

We’ve got a discussion forum powered by technology that will blow your socks off.

You can comment on everything on the site. Tell the world what you’ve always wanted to.

We’ve got it all running on the Amieo platform. Which is cool.

It’s all new. It’s all happening on NEO Binaries. Head there and let us (and the whole world) know what you think.

Apr 11 2005

Cynapse turns 4!

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My company, Cynapse, celebrated it’s 4th birthday on the 9th of April.

Over the weekend we celebrated this occasion by having a birthday party at office, then went on an impromptu trip to Kashid beach, near Murud, on Sunday. I’ll put some photos online as soon as I get my hands on ‘em. We had a blast at the beach, lazing around in the hammocks and splashing around in the water. The trip was marred by Manoj getting hit in the knee by a rock while he was in the water, but all of us, (Manoj included) had a really fun time.

Over the years, Cynapse has grown by leaps and bounds, where we can boast of having Microsoft as one of our clients, both in Singapore as well as in India and have a very popular service offering, SyncNotes makes me proud. Looking back at the initial days when Cynapse was truly a startup and we were all learning the ropes, makes me wonder, sometimes, at the amount of hard work we put in to get Cynapse where it is, today, and all that energy that came from our inner selves.

Here’s to even more eventful, happy and rewarding times and many, many years to come at Cynapse.